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Rummy Variations

The are a number of Rummy Variations, and as time goes by there is obviously no doubt that over time there will be more variations devised.

Many Variations for Years

Since rummy has been around for so long it is not a surprise that there are many variations to the game. Some have said that it is one of the most popular card games for the average player world wide. This could be disputed possibly but stories of families sitting around the kitchen table playing rummy or canasta is common;

This has led to a logical progression that new ways to play and score the card have been developed. Some styles of rummy games have become more popular then others.

Rummy Variations Examples

It is very difficult to place the variations in order of the “most popular”, but by and large Gin Rummy, Canasta and Kalookie are by far the most “Known” of them all.

The list we have devised is not the entire list of variations played, but we have for your convenience and information given the games play to the following variations:-

Among the Most Popular Rummy Games

Besides 3 card rummy played at many online casinos, rummy sites are popular at a few countries. Usually the most popular variations are gin rummy, 3-13 and kalookie. These styles may be regular 2 or 4 person games as well as tournament style play. Without question rummy is most popular in India. Although it is still played in the United States, it is rare to find the game in most online casinos.

Can You Play Rummy in Casinos

If you are fortunate to live close to local casinos, you may occasionally see rummy clubs or groups schedule tournaments at your favorite casino. These are often somewhat rare but casinos will at times host such tournaments for rummy players.

Wrap Up Variations on Rummy

While we personally enjoy playing gin rummy and the many variations, many things have changed the last 10 to 15 years. It is much more difficult to find nice places to play rummy online, and with the exception of a small handful of countries, it is extremely difficult to play rummy for real money online.

The main exceptions to playing rummy online are the sites that allow some free play. We are currently investigating and reviewing some of these sites looking for the best places to play. Keep an eye on the Rummy Sites pages for reviews and recommendations on the best places to play.